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Mark Shekoyan, Phd

I am an experienced Design Researcher, Innovation Catalyst and Strategist with years of experience working for companies and design firms in the SF Bay Area. My expertise in design thinking has helped provide companies critical insight and strategic guidance in product development and user experience across platforms and end-2-end experiences.


Uniting Design Research With
Design Thinking


The most powerful designs and innovations start with a deep understanding of people's needs. I try to get to the root cause of these needs and use this insight to inspire and inform the design process from end-2-end. To that end, I use a variety of qualitative, and sometimes quantitative, research to gain actionable insight that builds confidence and helps people make better decisions.


I don't just deliver these insights, however. I drive these insights through the product development process with Design Thinking workshops. In these workshops, I utilize moderated design thinking activities to discover, define, design and evaluate your products with cross-functional teams. I make research live strategically by informing new concepts, prioritizing decisions, testing designs, and helping guide the creative process along the project lifecycle.


Flexible, and adaptable, I am a nimble quick study at adjusting to each client's needs. I will work closely with you to understand your business and strategic goals and then design a project plan accordingly. I am experienced doing this work both in person and with remotely distributed teams.


I have experience researching and providing design guidance for:


  • Consumer Products

  • Websites

  • Mobile Apps

  • Enterprise & Business Software (B2B)

  • Security Systems

  • Gaming Platforms

  • Healthcare Systems

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