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UX Research

Design Thinking




Discovery and Need-finding

Gain insight that helps you best position your products:



  • Workflow Models

  • Personas

  • Use Cases and Scenarios

  • Customer Journey Maps

  • User Frameworks

  • Design Principles and Imperatives 

  • Customer Problem Statements  ​


Concept Testing and Validation

Rapidly learn and iterate your concepts to address customer needs:


  • RITE Testing

  • Concept Comparisons

  • Co-Design & Participatory Design


Usability Testing:

Gain objective measures of the success of your designs:

  • Task-based Usability Testing

  • Heuristic Evaluations

  • Benchmarking

Facilitated Design Sprints

Have your teams work collaboratively

on solutions and prioritization:


  • ​​​Problem Framing Workshops

  • Solutions Workshops

  • Facilitated Remote and In-Person Design Sprints



Innovation Workshops

Inspire your teams with creative new approaches to complex problems:


  • 1-2 Day Innovation Workshops

  • Innovation Lab (1-week Full Spectrum Innovation Sprint)


Opportunity Mapping

Gain a sense of the competitive landscape and opportunity spaces: 


  • Competitive Evaluation 

  • SWOT Analysis

  • Opportunity Mapping

Design & UX Research Mentoring

Train your team up on best practices in UX 

& Design Research:



  • UX Interviewing best practices

  • Contextual Inquiry How-To

  • Research Analysis and Frameworks



Design Thinking Training

Teach your teams on how to apply design thinking in-house:

  • In-Person Design Thinking Training

  • Remote Design Thinking Training

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