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Sample Clients

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Sample Testimonials

Mark brings tremendous energy and expertise to every engagement we worked on together. He was someone I counted on and who delivered in helping both our clients and his colleagues get better. He is a Jedi Master in the discipline of Human Centered Design and a stalwart advocate for putting your customers front and center in the design process. Though his Manager I felt like I learned just as much if not more from him as a professional. I will miss Mark's energy, his professionalism and kindness in all things. I can't recommend him enough as his journey continues in making products & experiences more attuned to their audiences and very human needs 

(Jon Yardley, Senior Research Manager, User Testing)

Mark has a natural ability to put any customer at ease, even if we are filming, note-taking and observing their own home. He also has a knack for improv and can change the mood and dynamic of a group with simple techniques he keeps at the ready in his research toolkit. One of the most memorable research experiences he led was the Extreme Shopper Study. We uncovered amazing details about people's relationship to shopping; it can be a way to connect with family and friends, or even a way to reclaim your identity after a loss. Mark's keen sense of observation and analysis skills have led to significant breakthroughs in the way we think about our product, invigorating the business and design team to bring new features to the market.


(Laura Ward, Principal, Design & Discovery, Paypal)


Mark brings together a true passion for design research and a genuine curiosity to understand more about our users with a strong comprehension of business and design strategy. Mark led a very complex and strategically important project that was inclusive of design and product management, industry trends analysis, and synthesis of multiple research studies. This project provided a strategic framework that has been used to inspire the future of a critical Yahoo! product category. Mark also possess a strong intellect, is a great team player and is very responsive to feedback as he seeks to continually develop his capabilities.

(Michael Kronthal, Senior Research Manager, Uber)

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